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We understand you may have a lot more questions regarding Vedix, how customisation and root cause-focused Ayurveda works, and how it can benefit you. That is why we have made things easier for you. Here are a set of questions.

Once you’re ready to try Vedix, simply click the “Know Your Hair” button on this page, and start your own customized Ayurveda journey!

Know Your Hair

How To Order

How To Place An Order?

Thank you for choosing Vedix. You can now buy our products by following the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Get free Hair Analysis by taking the Vedix Questionnaire.

Step 2: Know your elevated doshas.

Step 3: Order your Vedix Customised regimen.

Step 4: Get your products delivered at your doorstep.

Where Can I Buy Vedix Products? Are They Available In Stores?

Vedix is an online only brand available on our official site sg.vedix.com & select premium online retailers.

When Will I Receive My Order?

Depending on your area ZIP code the product will be delivered maximum within 3-5 working days or sooner.

How To Track My Order?

Once the product is dispatched, a tracking link is sent to your registered email id. You can track your order by clicking on the link. Generally, your customized products will reach you within 5-7 working days

Why Haven't I Received My Order Yet?

Email us at support@sg.vedix.com if you do not receive your order within 5 - 7 working days.

Is Vedix Available In My City?

Vedix is available across Singapore and is home delivered for free. If you are unsure of courier delivery to your pincode, you can try placing an order and check the same by entering your ZIP code on the checkout page.

Is Vedix Available On Amazon?

Yes, pre-defined regimens are available on Amazon. But, for a much detailed level of customisation and regular follow-ups, its advised you buy from our official site sg.vedix.com

Hair Products

What Does The Vedix Hair Care Kit Contain?

Your 3-product customized ayurvedic hair care kit has the following products:

  • Your Customized Hair Oil
    We at Vedix believe that it is essential to have a holistic regimen to give your scalp the maximum benefits. The Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Oil contains ingredients like Bhringraj, Brahmi, Yashtimadhu, Amla, Cedar, Palandu and several other herbs to give your scalp the nourishment it needs.
  • Your customized Shampoo
    The Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo contains ingredients like Quinoa Protein, Bhringraj, Saireyaka, Aloe Vera, Yashtimadhu, etc that help cleans dirt and excess oil from your scalp, thus keeping it healthy.
  • Your Customized Hair Serum
    The Vedix Hair Regrowth Serum is lightweight, absorbs quickly, non-sticky and perfect for night time use before sleeping. It easily penetrates your hair follicles and boosts hair growth.
What Are The Usage Instructions For Hair Care Products?


  • Take 5-15ml of oil (depending on hair length) and apply all over the scalp.
  • Gently massage for 5-10 minutes.
  • Leave on for at least one hour before washing with Vedix Shampoo.


  • Apply shampoo to wet hair.
  • Gently massage into a rich lather from scalp to ends.
  • Rinse with water. Repeat if desired.


  • Take 3-5 ml of serum with the dropper and apply all over the scalp. Gently massage for 5 minutes.
  • Use at least 2 hours before going to bed. Leave overnight.
  • Use every alternate day.
What Are The Quantities Of The Products In The Vedix Kit?

Your 3-Step Vedix Hair Care Kit comes with:

  • 100 ml bottle of Anti-Hair Fall Oil
  • 200 ml bottle of Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
  • 50 ml bottle of Hair Regrowth Serum
What Is The Weekly Regimen To Use Products?

You can plan your weekly Vedix Hair Care Regimen as following:
Monday: Massage your scalp and hair with the Anti-Hair Fall Oil.
Tuesday(Morning): Wash your hair with the Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
Tuesday(Night) : Apply the Hair Regrowth Serum to your roots at least 2 hours before you sleep
Thursday : Apply the Anti-Hair Fall Oil
Friday (Morning): Wash your hair with the Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
Friday (Night): Apply the Hair Regrowth Serum
Saturday: Apply the Anti-Hair Fall Oil
Sunday (Morning): Wash your hair with the Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
Sunday (Night): Apply the Hair Regrowth Serum

Can It Be Used On Chemically Treated Hair/ Coloured Hair?

Yes, it can be used on colored hair. It can also be used on hair that is flat-ironed, curled or blow-dried. Vedix products are 100% natural and plant-based, therefore are incredibly gentle on your scalp and hair.

Can Vedix Treat Other Medical Conditions Like Psoriasis, PCOD And Thyroid?

Vedix can help curb hair fall due to PCOS/PCOD, psoriasis and thyroid only to some extent. Since these are internal problems, an external application of oils and serums cannot fully solve the issue. We strongly recommend you take medical help too.

Can Pregnant Women Use Vedix?

No, we do not recommend the usage of Vedix products by pregnant women, nursing and women expecting pregnancy. Also, women on contraceptive pills should not take Vedix products

Do Vedix Products Have Side Effects?

Vedix products are Customised based on your hair analysis. Hence, the possibility of having an adverse-effect are rare. Our products use 100% natural ingredients that further reduce the risk of any side-effects. However, some people can be allergic to natural products. If any irritation occurs, please discontinue the usage and get in touch with us.

Are Vedix Products Tested On Animals?

Vedix products are not tested on animals and are animal cruelty-free. They are 100% organic with no sulfate and parabens.

Vedix Questionnaire

What Is Vedix Questionnaire?

The Vedix Dosha Analysis Questionnaire (VDAQ) is a set of questions that asks fundamental questions about your health, lifestyle, preferences and more to map your doshas and their elevated states. Vedix customizes the products according to the inputs given.

Can I Use The Information From The Questionnaire For Other Health Concerns?

Vedix Questionnaire is accurate with regards to defining a hair solution for you according to your inputs. We suggest medical consultation for other health problems.

How Accurate Is The Vedix Questionnaire?

The questionnaire has been prepared and verified by certified Ayurvedic doctors that adds to the accuracy of our questionnaire.


How Long Do The Products Last?

Each Vedix Hair Care Kit typically lasts for a period of 30 days, within which you can reorder a kit of your choice.

Can Vedix Products Be Purchased Individually?

No, Vedix products cannot be purchased individually outside your customized 3-product regimen.

How Much Does The Vedix Hair Care Kit Cost?

Your customized 3-product hair care kit is priced at $89 + $7 additional shipping costs for a one-time purchase.

If you opt for the subscription your kit will be $69 with Free Shipping

Hair Concerns

How Much HairFall Is Normal?

According to hair experts around the world, it’s normal to lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. It also tends to fluctuate according to changes in your lifestyle, diet and other factors.

Can Vedix Reduce My Hair Fall?

Yes, it will. Vedix Regimen is a Customised ayurvedic hair care regimen for hair fall issues. Our anti-hair fall regimen specifically works on arresting the hairfall and stimulating hair growth.

Can Vedix Increase The Volume Of My Hair?

Vedix aims at nourishing the hair roots and scalp with its high quality ingredients, thereby improving the overall condition of your hair. It also helps in reducing hair damage, hair breakage and helps in making your hair stronger and healthier.

Does It Help In Reducing Greying Of Hair?

Vedix hair growth oil contains herbs that help in slowing down the growth of premature grey hair. However, Vedix products cannot turn back your grey hair black.

Does It Work On Bald Areas/Alopecia?

Vedix hair growth regimen has herbs that are known to treat alopecia induced baldness. However, the herbs will only work on the follicles that are still alive on the scalp bed.


Can I Cancel My Order Anytime?

Yes, you can. Vedix’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you can cancel anytime for a 100% refund. No Questions Asked. Please get in touch with us at support@sg.vedix.com

What Is The Guarantee Period?

We at Vedix love to help you with healthy hair. However, if your customized products are not meeting your expectations, we will, within 30 days of receiving your order, give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

What Is The Return/Refund Policy?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your customized products for some reason, we're here to help. Vedix provides easy return and refund policy. Please check our Refunds and Cancellation page - https://sg.vedix.com/policies/refund-policy for further information.

What Is Vedix Fair Use Policy?

We believe in the satisfaction of our customers. However, if you have a subscriber with us, any refund claimed after 30 days will only be made available only for remaining plan duration. Products used in the first month will not be refunded in such a case.

About Vedix

What Is Vedix?

Vedix is the World’s first customized Ayurvedic lifestyle & wellness regimen. At Vedix, we know you are special. We help you with maintaining healthy hair. We strongly believe that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in the long run & this is where Customization comes in.

While other Ayurvedic brands offer generic solutions, Vedix makes products that are perfect just for you! The Vedix Questionnaire helps you find the root cause behind your issues and offers products that will help fight it.

How Is Vedix Different From Other Ayurvedic Products In The Market?

Unlike other brands that give generic solutions, Vedix offers customized Ayurvedic solutions. We customise the products according to your elevated doshas (imbalances in the five elements of the body: Air, Fire, Earth, Water & Ether) and specific hair concerns.

What Is Customisation?

You are unique and so should be your hair care regimen. Most of the products you buy often fail to solve your hair concerns. This is because these products fail to address the root cause of your hair issues.

At Vedix, we design products that match your unique hair requirements. You get a 3-product hair care regimen that is customized to fulfill your concerns by providing answers related to your body structure, lifestyle habits, etc. We then customise the products that are made only for you and will help fight your hair concerns.

How Does Customisation Work In Vedix?

Your inputs in the Vedix Questionnaire helps us define the elevated states of your doshas. Based on the information provided in the questionnaire, three products are suggested. These products contain herbs that pacify your elevated doshas, helps arrest hair fall, makes hair thick, and boosts scalp health.

Why Do I Need A Customised Hair Care Regimen?

Ayurveda, in its original, pure and effective form begins with YOU. Vedix aims to do the same with customized regimen. Your hair type is unique to only YOU. Generic products are made for everyone. When products are made for everyone, they may not necessarily suit you. This is why our team of Ayurvedic doctors researched for a simple hair care regimen that can be customized according to one's doshas and their elevated states.

Know Your Hair